APJN uses an evidence based curriculum called Second Step (cfchildren.org) to teach the skills of empathy, emotion management and problem solving. Classes run for 23 weeks and are 15 min a week for preschool and K up to 45 minutes a week for 5th grade and up. We still have funding for FREE bullying prevention classes for Athens County Elementary and Middle Schools and after school programs. Please let us know if you are interested! These free classes are thanks to funds from the Athens Foundation and the Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund.

Ms. Mara presented to 220 Education Majors at OU’s Rural-Urban Collaborative Symposium as well as helping to facilitate OU’s Campus Conversations dialogue around the Palestine/Israel issue. Ms. Mara has also partnered with the Athens Area Mediation Service to run mediation trainings for 14-24 year olds in the Glouster area.

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